Social Media Trends 2020 for Business

The 2019 year is ending and as all prepare for the forthcoming year. It is only natural to talk about the transition that 2020 will bring for businesses on social media.Given the importance of social media in consumers' lives, brands are increasing running to social media to connect with their target audience.You need to pump up your game for 2020 as the competition gets high and the stakes higher! Here is a list of Top 5 trends you need to be aware of that will help you stand out.​

Trend #1: 

Growth in Influencer marketing.As we move towards automation and technological advances, one thing that remains constant is our human-ness. Influencers gives buyers the confidence to purchase, they provide a validation along with creating a desire for a better life. Influencer marketing has forever changed not only how marketing is seen but also enabled social media with powers beyond imagination. So it comes with no surprise that we should only expect an increase in influencer marketing. The 2020 and beyond we will increasingly see influencers shape marketing and markets."After all if it's said by an influencer, it must be true."​​​​​

Trend #2:

Social media will be a mainstream seller.Owing to so many favourable factors, social media like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have long been used by brands to sell their products. Soon social media will be par with other retail channels, be it offline stores or other websites. Businesses are more so looking at incorporation of social commerce in their sales strategies.​​​​​​

Trend #3: 

Short span content will increase.​Owing to decreasing attention spans, we already saw ephemeral content gain popularity. People spend hours scrolling through the short, engaging and addictive short span content.​​​​​​​


Increase in AR & VR.​Technology like AR and VR will flood social media. Facebook is already working on a social virtual reality world called Horizon. With others following, VR will take social media to the next level.Adoption of VR might still be in an early stage, but we are already seeing AR being used by social media increasingly.​​​​​​

Trend #5: 

Videos will make up 82% of online content by 2022.​Videos are the most appealing form of content on social media.A Cisco study says that by 2022, 82% of the content available online will be video content.Videos will dominate social media and to stay on top, it is high time businesses should start exploring more possibilities with videos.​​​​​​​​

Apart from these, the social media landscape in 2020 will see a considerable increase in security improvements. Brands are most likely to adhere to social listening to ensure fulfilled needs of their customers. Chatbots will become commonly used. Social media will be used for customer service. And will overall help deepen the community spirit within customers.In conclusion, while several trends will dominate social media in 2020. Leveraging these trends becomes important to stay ahead of your competition. Social media still has a lot of benefits yet to be discovered.