Realign yourself to initial goals

More often than you would think I come across situations where I find due to the vast majority of trends, ideas and possibilities, brands try to push in too much into a plate to cover all bases all at once! And like everything else in the world, too much is never too good. Here are a few things I have realised help brands realign with their initial goal.

Jot your goals down:

I cannot emphasise enough on the importance of having set singular goals. At the beginning of each decision made, ensure you jot down the goals and share them with each member to be involved in the process.

Communicate efficiently:

It is a shame how many projects derail simply due to too many people involved in it and very less communication. A communication gap can burn your project like a forest fire.

Be patient:

Being over-ambitious often leads to sharing over information with your end consumer. During the setting of goals cover all the inclusions on a need basis. Never add elements midway through a project because someone had an epiphany. Stay patient and jot it down for the next time.

Do not sell:

Educated consumers now dominate most markets. This is true for retail as well as e-tail. Aggressive selling is no more appreciated.


Stop following trends:

Trends are not your dependable buddy. They keep changing and reemerging with time. Make a game plan with a team that understands your needs in utmost transparency.

Have no secrets:

Like attorneys, maintain 100% transparency with your team's creative director. This will give your team a strategic advantage and will ensure efficiency.

If you find yourself in a loop in the any of the above, there's a good chance you need a reset plan.