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Our one-stop creative agency was found in 2018, our marketing roots go back to 2012. Our founder Sagar Singh learned Film making because of his passion for storytelling.

At the age of 19, he worked for other companies as a Director and DOP and saw a communication gap between the company and the client.

The major trouble

Every artist has a niche and can deliver the best results within their niche, but it is difficult for companies to locate these artists from the ever-growing pool of talent. 

Companies advertise for business growth. And face difficulty in identifying a person who bridges the gap between creativity and business. This diverts the time that should have been focused on creative solutions into reiterations and reviews.

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Sagar Singh did not plan to be the bridge himself, until he met his co-founder Priyanka Dhyani. Being an Industrial designer she faced the same problem from the clients' end. After working along for just 2 years they conceived a unique advertising agency. One that was the equal amalgamation of business and creativity, and only took up clients they could actually help.


They invested in several Artists, Producers & Marketeers' network, specialising in various fields and handpicked the most suitable team each time for each project to deliver the best solution which helped their client exceed their targets.

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Our founders

Sagar Singh


Coming from an engineers' family makes him good with math and equations, owing to which he specializes in marketing and advertising analysis helping all—small business to large corporations alike, to make media that strikes interaction.

His films have been nationally and internationally recognized and awarded across various platforms.

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Priyanka Dhyani


Starting her career around developing products and services gave her an insightful peek into the shoes of designer, companies as well as  consumers alike. This tremendously changed the way she saw the market. 

She works with businesses to help them advertise their Product & Service through a unique perspective by decoding their business, making the process effortless for businesses and consumers.

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